Heritage Project

Precious Memories Overview

Our exciting Heritage Project has been launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary of New Images Winsford Youth and Community Forum.

The centre has received a National Heritage Lottery grant of £8,500 to collect precious memories. This project will capture the centre’s work with young people over the past 50 years.

New Images has gathered many photographs from former members, staff and users, enabling us to produce a bespoke “Precious Memories” section for our Heritage Project.

Bob Barton, from New Images, said: “These photographs have been collated and aligned with the hundreds of photos already in storage at our centre, these have been digitised and used as a visual experience through monitors within the centre.”

“Many of these memories and photos have now been used to complete an up to date History of New Images which will be published as a book as well as being added to our website.” (See link below) If you visit our Precious Memories site and feel you have either additional content or comments to add then we would love to hear from you either via email – office.wycf@gmail.com or contact Bob Barton on 01606 593724.

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