New Images – is now back open for all existing user groups, new user groups and private bookings. Our own delivery recommeced with the removal of lock down restrictions – however we continue to offer sanitizer facilities and check tempertures of individuals during periods of mass attandances

For a full update on those groups/organisations/events presently operating please see our calendar for details

Latest News –

During lockdown certain activities and support groups were able to operate, all subject to lockdown restrictions, for our staff work evolved around preparing for re – opening, planning and delivery of projects that we could delivery, ( again under restrictions) reviewing and updating policies and risk assessments and responding to any funding opportunity.

During 2020 the main focus for funding centred around repairs and refurbishment of New Images. One being to FCC Communities Foundation, for renewal of the floor in the old courtyard, now our games room. This was to replace the existing tarmac floor for an insulated concrete floor. The installation of a connecting corridor from the front to the rear of the centre. ( other than going through the main hall) Thirdly was the need for a pitched roof above the office, finally 3 new internal firedoors. Funding for this was agreed in March with work commencing in August 2021- still ongoing. The Princes Trust Team project have now completed decorating in those key areas.

Other work funded by the Lottery Community Fund included the continuation of upgrading our electrics, including meeting Fire Regs and conversion of lighting to L.E.D in the front of the centre – this was extended to part of the rear with a grant from `Storengy`.

The focus now is renewing our external firedoors, two main entrance doors and 6 windows, all of which has been funded by 3 benefactors – Bernard Sunley Foundation, Marjorie Boddy and the Garfield Weston Trust. Delays in supply and manufactoring these items continue to impact on installation which is being orgainisied by Weaver Vale Housing Trust, via their social value scheme. Where building contractors, those engaged in the housing development within Winsford are expected to put something back into the community. In this case by installing our new windows/fire-doors at no cost to WYCF.

2021 is the 40th Anniversary of the formation of Winsford Youth Forum ( name change in 2018 to Winsford Youth & Community Forum) which was a response from both Voluntary and Statutory organisations to the recognition that a joined up approach to youth provision was needed within Winsford. In 1986 WYF was formally constituted and listed as a Vol org and a Limited Company. This partnership approach prevailed for many years, but nowadays only a few organisations attend Partner meetings ( most cancelled during the pandemic) due in part to organisational changes and priorities. Today the need for a return to partnership working has been highlighted by the recent ROC (Redeeming Our Communities) event and the planned new action group.





Established 1981 –



Winsford Youth and Community Forum
(Previously known as Winsford Youth Forum) was
established in 1981 as a Charity and a Company
We do this by working in partnership with other
Voluntary Organisations who have young peoples
and adults interests at heart.

Partnership meetings are held each term-time
overseen by a Trustees Board who manage the
daily affairs of the Winsford Youth and
Community Forum.

In June 2017 those aims were extended to
include adults, to reflect the change of name
and the increasingly change of use of New Images.

In Accordance with good practice and requirements
of funders and sponsors, we have policies and
procedures to ensure all legal requirements are
adhered to, allowing all users to develop,
have fun, enjoyment and to participate with staff and
other young people and adults within a safe environment.